1 AUP Introduction
2 AUP Agreement
  • HPS Acceptable Use of Technology Form

  • The Acceptable Use of Technology (AUP) can be found on the Town of Hopedale website within the School Committee Policies under Instruction (IJNDB).

    In addition to the AUP policy, the below guidelines are also accepted when agreeing to the AUP.

    Students agree to the following conditions:

    1. I will use the Internet, school computers and e-mail for educationally relevant purposes. 
    2. I will respect the rights of copyright owners and will not plagiarize work.
    3. I will not use e-mail, enter any chat rooms or use messaging without permission. I will not access internet proxy sites or use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or attempt to bypass the district’s website filter or firewall.
    4. I will not download any files or execute attachments from any unknown and/or unsafe sources. This includes the downloading of malicious software, viruses, hacking attempts or purposeful disruption of the network.
    5. I will coordinate with teachers on any large scale projects (videos, music etc.) and printing to prevent network slowdown and conserve resources.
    6. I will respect all school hardware and never load software or damage any equipment. No student will be permitted to take home district owned technology without prior approval.
    7. I will not send, forward, access or post any material that is likely to be offensive, personal, or threatening to recipients or viewers.
    8. I will not share my personal information with anyone, use an account assigned to another user or leave the account open or unattended. I will not trespass, delete or tamper with anyone else’s files, folders or account.
    9. I will promptly inform a teacher if any messages I receive are inappropriate.
    10. I understand network files are not private. Network administrators may view the contents at any time in order to maintain system integrity.
    11. I agree to maintain any disk quota space provided to me, including email resources.
    12. I agree to reimburse the Hopedale Public School System for any losses, costs or damages, including attorney fees, incurred by the school district relating to or arising out of any breach of this Acceptable Use Policy.
    13. When connecting a personal device to the Hopedale Public Schools network, it is the user’s responsibility to ensure the device is updated with anti-virus software.
    14. No personal devices may be connected to the wired network. Students may not create unauthorized wireless networks such as hot spots. This includes establishing wireless access points, wireless routers, or open networks on personal devices.


    The technology department reserves the right to remove any personal device from the network. I understand that if I violate this contract, the consequences could be the revocation of all network access, suspension from school, and legal action by the authorities.

      Jr.-Sr. High School Specific Guidelines

    Students at the Jr-Sr High School are prohibited from using a cell phone or electronic device (e.g. cell phones, iPods, tablets, etc.) in the classroom without teacher permission. Students are expected to put away and silence all devices during class time. Students are encouraged to review the student handbook policy on Electronic Devices.

    If your student was previously enrolled at Hopedale Public Schools you DO NOT NEED to fill out the AUP again.

    It only needs to be filled out ONCE for your student while they are enrolled at HPS.

    If you are NEW to the school district or are a Kindergartener, please proceed by clicking Next below.

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